Be a Better Man:  How to Stop Playing Small and Return to Your Proper Role As King, Without Having to Sacrifice Your Relationships Or Family To Do So

The Ultimate Man is not a program it's a MOVEMENT.  It's a CATALYST for men to stop living a status quo life and being content with complacency, but to ELEVATE their life to another level, to return to the KINGSHIP they were always meant to have and reclaim their seat on the throne.

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Rediscover the Lost Art of Masculinity while unleashing your life, living bigger, loving deeper and creating a lasting legacy

in 60 days! 

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Let me ask you… Do you need: 



✔To Tap Into Your Inner DRIVE & AMBITION

✔To Know Your IDENTITY, Outside of Your Job Title


✔To Ensure You Don’t Fail as a FATHER 


✔To GET PAST the Challenges of Your Divorce

✔To Be YOUR BEST SELF for Future Relationships

If you answered YES, you’re in the right place.

It's clear you want to reclaim your masculine power, create a high quality romantic relationship, expand your social life, become the strongest version of yourself as possible, want more happiness, peace, money, intimacy, friends and more adventure in your life.

Because You:

 Untitled-design-7Are you tired of wanting to be a better more powerful man, but nothing in your life changing?
Untitled-design-7 You know you are worthy and capable of so much more but have no clue how to get there.
Untitled-design-7 You've failed at unleashing the manly man, that's deep inside of you.
Untitled-design-7 You are afraid the real man is trapped deep inside of you, maybe even lost for good because you are so unhappy with your current situation.
Untitled-design-7People have boxed you in and put their own limitations on you or maybe even wanted you to fail.
Untitled-design-7 Are you an amazing leader at work, but come home to a family that doesn't respect you or treat you like the leader?
Untitled-design-7 Does everything looked perfect about your life and your family from the outside, but on the inside things are spiraling out of control? 
Untitled-design-7 Is home life very heavy and stressful, with no peace in your home which should be your sanctuary?
Untitled-design-7 Are you masquerading and pretending to others and  possibly yourself, that everything is okay, when it is not?
Untitled-design-7 Have you lost your identity and really don't know who the man is that you are outside of being a father and husband?
Untitled-design-7 Are you un-happily married with kids that you passionately love?
Untitled-design-7 Are you realizing that things have to change in your home, not in sake of the children but for their sake?
Untitled-design-7Have you been playing small and hiding out in life?


Does this sound familiar?

 Learn How to Reclaim Your Masculine Power, Double Inner Confidence, and Create a High Quality Romantic Relationship

I am going to show you exactly how to become

The Ultimate MAN And live your legacy,

without letting someone else dictate your life.



How Do I Know If I Need This?

  • If you're divorced, contemplating it or  unhappy married.
  • If you don't want your kids to see an unhealthy marriage.
  • If you have unresolved father issues.
  • If you desire to be the father that your father failed to be.
  • If you keep having feel as if you life setbacks.
  • If you feel inadequacy, failure and rejection as a man.
  • If you are very focused, but you feel stuck in life.
  • If you are a success at work but feel like a failure at home.
  • If you choose to stay in a bad relationship for the sake of kids
  • If you sacrificed your hopes and dreams to provide for  family.
    Become like G.L.U.E.

Here’s Three Secrets About The Ultimate MAN

Anyone Man Can Be The Ultimate Man

How to transform into The Ultimate Man alter-ego, in 6 weeks, with no option of failing! 

There Are Tools That You Can Use That Act As Super Powers

The Hack that Ultimate Men do, to live the lifestyle you will die for, that has been kept from you for far too long!  [REVEALED]

Stop Living As Clark Kent When You Are Super Man

How to break free from the box that has kept you trapped and to UNLEASH your full-potential, without sacrificing who you are and no matter your current situation.  

Secret #1:  How To Transform Into The Ultimate Man Alter-ego, In 6 Weeks, With No Option Of Failing! 

Anyone can be The Ultimate MAN, no matter the circumstances of your past, you can become anything you want! The Ultimate MAN course is the catalyst to having it all and becoming the ultimate father, husband, spouse, employee, leader, entrepreneur, you name it.
Some men feel trapped and emasculated by co-workers, friends, family members and worst even spouses. Men purposely live life on an island and wonder why they feel alone and isolated. I know this because I lived this way. I'm here to tell you that you must unleash that man that's hidden deep down inside of you. You don't have to stay living isolated, alone and unhappy. We have men that have consciously made the decision to stop playing small and to show up for life, not just for them, but for their family and their legacy.

Secret #2: The Hack That ULTIMATE MEN Do, To Live The Lifestyle You Will Die For, That Has Been Kept From You For Far Too Long! [Revealed]

Forget not having a role model as an excuse any longer! You need to discover the tools that make you The Ultimate MAN for yourself. Don’t waste any more of your life in mediocrity, never settle for anything other than amazing for yourself, because you deserve it. You have deprived yourself so much you don’t even know what you hopes, dreams and desires are. You don't even know who you are outside of being a husband, father, friend, employee, co-worker, etc.
When you start asking yourself, what legacy you want to leave, what you want to do with your life once the kids leave and cleave, that's when you will start to get clarity on who you are and what you want. It doesn’t matter how many hats you wear as a man, this status quo life is not for you and you have to get crystal clear clarity on who you are, what you stand for and what drives you to gain sight of your own hopes, dreams and desires.

Secret #3: How To Break Free From The Box That Has Kept You Trapped And To UNLEASH Your Full-potential And Finally Live Your Dream Life, Without Sacrificing Who You Are. (No Matter How Messed Up Life Seems Right Now, You Can Break Free….)

The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be. You will never know your full potential unless you push yourself hard enough to find it. Did you know that there is no man living who isn’t capable of doing more than he thinks he can do? Fellas it’s time. Time to release your potential. Time to change and grow. Time to stop playing is safe and showing up as small in life.
It's time for you to regain your masculinity, control of your life, lead with confidence, restore and deepen your relationships, while you take life by the horns and tap into your full potential, without having to sacrifice your true identity or your families to divorce court to do so.

But What is it Really…

What & Who is The Ultimate MAN?

Untitled-design-7 The Ultimate Man is not a program it's a MOVEMENT. It's a CATALYST for men to stop living the status quo life and being content in complacency, but to ELEVATE their life to the next level, to return to the KINGSHIP they were always meant to have and they reclaim their seat on the throne.
Untitled-design-7 You need to be THE ULTIMATE MAN because of your hopes, dreams and desires require it. You have been wondering why your family isn’t where you like it to be, you haven’t started that business, your marriage is on the rocks and your relationships are just so-so….

Now is the time for you to become The Ultimate MAN…


The Ultimate MAN Masterclass

 Take Back Control and Regain Your Masculinity Course


The full step-by-step course that moves you from a man living a status quo life to feeling alive, confident, connected, ambitious, happy, full of possibilities and adventurous, while you achieving your goals, save your relationships and become the best man you can be.

I’ve put everything I’ve learned into this course from the last 10 years for you to see that the ONLY WAY for you to accomplish the things you say you want in life is by becoming The Ultimate MAN.  For you to see that the ONLY WAY for you to become this man, is through going through The Ultimate Man Take Back Control and Regain Your Masculinity Course.  I have built a step by step plan to make you a better man today then you were yesterday repeatedly until over the next 60 days you are The Ultimate MAN.  


The Ultimate Man course will show you how to:


Untitled-design-7 Regain Your Masculinity
 TUntitled-design-7ake Control Of Your Life
Untitled-design-7 Lead With More Confidence
Untitled-design-7 Deepen & Strengthen Your Relationships
Untitled-design-7 Take Life By The Horns
Untitled-design-7 Tap Into Your Full-Potential
Untitled-design-7 Discover Your True Identity
Untitled-design-7 Love Your Family Better
Untitled-design-7 Deal With Relationship Breakdowns
Untitled-design-7 Avoid Divorce Court
Untitled-design-7Be a Better Father & Spouse

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When you sign up, you’ll get access to

everything you need to be The Ultimate MAN!


You have lifetime access to the entire program, so feel free to work through
the program at your own pace so you can fully absorb yourself in each exercise and not rush the process.


Here’s a peek at what we’ll cover inside of The Ultimate MAN:

Module 1 - Masks Off 

Most men subconsciously hide behind the masks that we wear every day.  We may have one mask for work, another one for home, another around friends and yet another one when we are in public social situations.  In the midst of wearing all these masks we lose sight of who we really are as men.  Many times we have been wearing masks for so long, what’s truly behind the mask and that grown man’s body is a young scared or insecure little boy.   We will take of these masks and figure out who’s really behind that mask and bring him to the forefront, so he can start living.  

Module 2 - Clarity & Peace of Mind  To Be You. 

In this module you’ll have a crystal-clear vision of what you want out of life and your purpose.  You will know true authentic self-better than ever before.  Through knowing this you will gain peace of mind of what you should and should not be doing in every area of life.  You will begin to operate very intentionally and on purpose.  Through this newfound clarity an inner peace and calm will come over you and be resident with you in the midst of any situation or circumstance.     

Module 3 - Adventure & Masculinity  


You’ll learn how to make women want you and men want to be you.  We will help you create adventure in your life, so that never ever will life be boring or complacent for you, but always exciting and adventurous as it should be.  We will have you to learn to embrace masculinity, even if you have never ever done so before, so that as people meet you or come in contact with you, they say, well that truly is a man’s man.   

Module 4 - Vulnerability, Confidence & Power 


You will learn to embrace vulnerability, confidence and power in your life like never before.  Men have to be vulnerable in the right situations, especially in relationships.  Men have to demonstrate confidence in just about everything they do.  Confidence releases a sense of presence about you to others that is very magnetic and says a lot about you.  Power comes in all shapes and sizes, but the goal here is that in every situation you will be looked upon as the one in control, whether that is at home, at work, with your friends or family or even social situations, you become the person people look to.     

Module 5 - Your New Identity 

We will show how to create and embrace the new you, The Ultimate Man, that has been buried and suppressed for far too long.   In this session you will literally pull this man out of you and know everything about him, so you can not only know who he is, but you can walk in his shoes and be him.  After you do this for a while, you will not have to think about being him, but you will indeed become The Ultimate Man and life will be amazing.  You will become Great, Legendary, Unleashed and Extraordinary in everything you do!   

Module 6 - Living Life to the Fullest 


In this module, you will get my secret method to start living your life to the fullest, even if you don’t have an idea what they may or may not look like.  We will tap into you deepest dreams and ambitions and you will start to attack them with relentless fervor.   We will uncover what it means to life to the fullest and how you can realistically start to do from today moving on for the rest of your life.  This makes your life more vibrant and fun.  You begin to stop going through the motions of life, but you start to LIVE your legacy.   


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Money Back Guarantee

I want you to be 100% confident when you enroll in The Ultimate MAN course.
So, you’re protected with my 100% 30-day money back guarantee no questions asked promise.
I believe this program has the power to change your life.
The Ultimate MAN will help you regain your confidence, figuring out your identity, rediscover your masculinity and guide you to creating a lasting legacy through leading your family with control, intention and the right level of authority causing you to be a better man, father and spouse.
This is your time.
Afraid you will not get the results you want to have transformation in your life? DON’T WORRY!!! I have your back. Work with me today and you will be a better man in the next 30 days than you ever thought was possible.
Take your life to the next level by becoming The Ultimate MAN today
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I Cannot Wait to Lead You Through The Ultimate MAN Masterclass

Hey, I’m Marlon and 5 years ago I was sad, broke, lonely, lost and at a crossroads in every area of my life. I was a man that has been stuck in just about every aspect of my life and done the hard and necessary work to get “unstuck”. I went through a painful divorce after 13 years of marriage and 3 kids. I learned to start chasing peace in my life, as opposed feelings of sadness and depression. I learned to stop settling for being comfortable in lack a luster and unhappy life and figured out the key to feeling alive and present in it as I go for my big and ambitious dreams.
Becoming The Ultimate Man has really changed my life forever. I have dedicated my life to helping other men not have to go through the heartache and pain that I went through as I help them take control and elevate their life to the next level. To stop playing small and return to their proper role as King, without having to lose their relationships or family to do so.

"This course really challenged me to look at myself closely and face my fears and short comings head on.  It also challenged me to get to know myself better so that I could live out my purpose in life which is the reason I signed up for the course in the first place.  I would recommend this course to anyone that is searching for the truth about themselves and life.  Great job and thank you Marlon!"


"Marlon is a great guy, easy to relate to. This course is loaded with life lessons and resources for self-growth. The course is loaded with story’s and gems of wisdom.  Taking me on a journey of self-fulfillment and self-enlighten that I needed to get past my previous life blocks and life’s challenges that were blessings for my life."



There has never been a better time to change your life and become The Ultimate MAN

The Ultimate Man Is For Those That:

Untitled-design-7Have Lost Their CONFIDENCE
Untitled-design-7Have Lost Their DRIVE & AMBITION
Untitled-design-7Have Lost Their IDENTITY
Untitled-design-7Have Lost Their MASCULINITY IN MARRIAGE
Untitled-design-7Don’t Want To Fail As A FATHER
Untitled-design-7Don’t Want To End Up In DIVORCE COURT
Untitled-design-7Want To GET PAST Their Divorce
Untitled-design-7Want Be THE BEST THEM For Future

This Course Will Work For Any Man…

Untitled-design-7Who Feel Stuck…
Untitled-design-7Who Want More…
Untitled-design-7Who Want To Go To The Next Level…
Untitled-design-7Who Want To Save Their Families..
Untitled-design-7Who To Leave A Legacy…
Untitled-design-7Who Want to Make More Money…
Untitled-design-7Who Want to Be Entrepreneurs…
Untitled-design-7Who Want A Promotion At Work…
Untitled-design-7Who Want To Find a Spouse…
Untitled-design-7Who Want Better Relationships…
Untitled-design-7No Matter Your Goal or Life Situation!!!

"This course was fantastic!  I was very thought provoking and made me really dig deep.  We covered so much, I will need to go over some parts over again, to make sure I get the right answers for my life and my situation.  Marlon does an awesome job of pointing out the most important aspects in life and personal development as well as giving tips how to deal with other people.  This course has helped me a lot.  I highly recommend it!"


"Marlon is an amazing coach. Thank you for putting this course and all the assignments together.  Marlon shares a lot of his life's failure and successes.  I firmly believe that Marlon is doing a great service to all men AND women by giving us more insight about why we do the things we do, and how we emotionally respond to each other's actions. This is a great course that I will continuously go through and update and I grow and change.  "



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The Ultimate Man Masterclass 

Private Facebook Support Group 
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Monthly Payment Plan Price of $1,000 for 3 Months:


But When You Enroll Today, You’ll Get the Introductory Price:

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